Justin N. Froyd - May 15, 2023
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As the weather gets warmer and the summer is coming closer, the desire to travel is stronger for many people. Given the variety of destinations and offers, sometimes it isn't easy to choose and decide what the best destination is. Tourism Review presents a list of the most interesting destinations for any traveler.

1/ Morocco

Although it may seem crazy to go to Morocco in the summer, it actually is not. In the lands of the Sahara, there are areas where temperatures are not so high in the summer months and are similar to those on the Iberian Peninsula. Traveling to Morocco, in addition, has the advantage of having the opportunity to explore cultural attractions that are quite different from the European ones. Cities like Marrakech, cradles of surfing and beaches like Agadir or Taghazout, blue cities like Chefchaouen, or more European-like cities like Casablanca or Rabat – these are only a few fascinating destinations to experience.

2/ Canary Islands

The Canary climate allows visitors to enjoy tropical temperatures in the summer. In addition, the Canary Islands offer incredible landscapes and so different from each other that you will not think you are still in the same place: from the green island of La Palma, through the rocky and steep Gomera, without forgetting the small Isla del Hierro and its many natural pools, passing through Tenerife and the highest point in Spain, Gran Canaria, and its dunes, until you reach the lunar landscapes and the crystal clear waters of Lanzarote and Fuerteventura.

3/ Croatia

For many years Croatia and its coasts have positioned themselves as one of the best destinations in magazines and travel guides. Not yet very famous, and therefore without masses of visitors, Croatia seems a quiet and beautiful destination to enjoy this summer. The country surprises tourists with its crystal-clear waters, in the Mediterranean, on the Adriatic Sea coast. The Dalmatian coast is home to some of the finest beaches to enjoy the sun.

4/ Scotland

Scotland is an excellent choice for fans of the cool weather and nature lovers. It may not be as popular a destination as England, but it is undoubtedly close behind. With its Edinburgh capital, Scotland is a magical place full of culture and nostalgia. The Scottish Highlands will amaze anyone with their lush forests and cool colors. But, of course, you are not likely to get hot, so a coat and, above all, a raincoat would be a must.

5/ Lisbon

Lisbon is always a destination loved by its visitors that dazzles those who decide to go. With bohemian air and hot nights, Lisbon has it all. Culture, leisure, stunning beaches...

In addition, it is easy to reach the city within Europe and has good connections by land and air with the entire country. It usually remains unnoticed in Europe because of the variety of capitals, but it has a lot to offer.

6/ Azores Islands

Continuing with the Portuguese country, this hidden jewel in the Atlantic and belonging to Portugal is becoming increasingly known. Impressive waterfalls, natural parks, lakes, cliffs, and many beaches make this destination a must for travelers who love nature, strong emotions, and hiking.

7/ Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a destination with different cultural shift and lots of sunshine, beaches, and a perfect atmosphere. From enjoying its good weather or culture to surfing in its idyllic waters or visiting its multitude of natural parks, Costa Rica offers a variety of multicultural activities for all tastes that will fulfill any trip. Although it may require a long journey, the Caribbean paradise is well worth the wait if you have patience.

8/ Vietnam

The popularity of destinations like Bali or Thailand often overshadows Vietnam. This peninsula, which was previously divided, has all the desirable qualities of these locations, such as great weather, stunning beaches, and unique and enchanting culture, without any negative aspects. For example, Vietnam is less crowded and receives fewer visitors than Indonesia. The prices are reasonable, and the welcoming nature of the locals is likely to impress any visitor.

9/ Cinque Terre

This province of Italy is increasingly known and famous for its good food, good weather, and film montages, such as Corniglia or Monterosso al Mare. The Cinque Terre will conquer you with villages built on the coast of the sea and with unique and peculiar architecture that conforms to the topography of the terrain and crystal clear waters.

10/ Cape Verde Islands

This African archipelago surprises with its multitude of landscapes and coastlines. The Cape Verde Islands have not yet experienced the destructive effects of mass tourism that can harm certain areas, and it still maintains its unique character. You can visit both the Windward and Leeward Islands and Cape Verde and enjoy its culture, with tiny Portuguese and African wings.

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