Samuel Dorsi - Nov 22, 2010

Croatia is a popular summer destination that is why it looks a little empty the rest of the year. However, all tourists do not desert the country in the remaining three seasons. Yachtsmen like to come there, especially in autumn, and compete in sailing races.


Croatia is a popular tourism destination for a number of Europeans who love to spend time on the beach. Nevertheless, in autumn and spring it attracts different kind of tourists, the yachtsmen.  The sea is not as crowded as in summer, there are fewer cabin cruisers and the wind is stronger. It is simply an ideal time for a regatta. 

According to server, participants sail every morning to the place chosen by referees who first measure the wind and place the buoys. Last seconds before the race begins are counted down via radio. Adrenalin is high as everybody wants to be the winner. A tricky part is when the boats are passing by a buoy. It requires certain level of proficiency to manage it and not to lose too much time. The weather is one of the most important factors for the participants. However, luck is also crucial as bad wind could mean that losers become winners and vice versa.  

The sea is quite cold at this time of the year. However, there are always some brave people who do not mind it and go swimming anyway. The weather on the other hand is quite pleasant. Nights are colder than in summer but days are still warm. People get tanned regardless they want it or not. Sailing also makes it possible to see the beautiful country from different angle than from land.

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