Pat Hyland - Jun 28, 2010
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Tourists visiting the Croatian island of Krk may among other attractions try the unique wine called Zlahtina. However, real pleasure seekers should try the famous Valomet, a sparkling wine that mellows at the bottom of the sea.


Krk, a Croatian island with interesting history and sights, is a popular tourism destination. The island is the home to the specific regional wine called Zlahtina. It is one of the most popular Croatian brands of wine. Marinko Vladic, a local enologist, who studied the methods of wine production in Champagne region in France, came with a new idea. He invented the "submarine champagne“.

"The conditions that have to be met for wine to ferment well are very strict." said Vladic to The experts agree with him. Wine has to be kept in stable temperature and air conditions and in the dark. Vladic realized that such conditions can be found 30 meters deep under the sea's surface and decided to use the knowledge.

He put the bottles in a container and placed them on a seabed. After three months he tasted a few bottles. The fermentation was finished. He left the wine in the bottles for another year and the result was an exceptionally good sparkling wine. He named the wine Valomet

According to Vladic, the sparkling wine also owes its uniqueness to the fact that unlike the French sparkling wines, it does not contain any sugar.Tourists who would like to taste the extraordinary wine have to visit a pictoresque Croatian village of Vrbnik. It is the only place where you can buy the "submarine champangne". It costs 200 euros a bottle.

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