Wayne M. Gore - Jun 21, 2010
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Mikulov has many attractions for tourists. There is an interesting historic center with old Jewish town as well as many restaurants where one can enjoy local wines. More active tourists will be pleased by many cycling routes that go through the region.


The town of Mikulov is located in southern Moravia, in the eastern part of the Czech Republic. The former citizens' buildings are renovated; some of them transformed into hotels, restaurants or weekend houses, the others into shops. The town is an ideal setting for a film, especially the historic center. One can walk through the chateau park or drink wine in one of the town’s 50 restaurants. After all, the town is in the center of a wine-producing region.

Except for the sightseeing and drinking of wine, many tourists are attracted to the region because of its many cycling routes. According to Etrend.sk, most of the foreign cyclers come here from Slovakia and Austria. Most routes are connected with wine growing and so one can combine (resonable) drinking and cycling. Ryzlink vlassky (Welschriesling), Rulandske bile (Pinot Blanc) or Chardonay are among the popular Mikulov wines.

Jewish community was important in the town in the old days. It the 16th century Mikulov was even the seat of the chief Rabbi of Moravia. The most famous man in the office was probably Jehuda Löw ben Becalel, the creator of the legendary Prague golem.

Recently a new remainder of the Jewish community was discovered during a construction. A Jewish bath, mikve, was uncovered. According to Marie Leskovjanova, co-founder of the Club of Friends of Jewish Culture, the bath dates back to 17th century and is well preserved.

However, these days, the Jewish town is no longer home to Jews as they had to flee the country to escape Germans who took over the Czech Republic just before the World War II.

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