Tomas Haupt - May 16, 2011
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Croatian mountains offer exciting hiking trails. The highest mountain – Sinjal – invites all adventurers to explore its pristine nature and fascinating views.

Croatia is well known among tourists for its beaches and historical cities like Dubrovnik. However the south European country has much more to offer. Hikers looking for challenging trails and stunning views should explore the local mountains.

The Dinaric Alps or Dinarides in Croatia are an ideal destination for travelers who want to add hiking to their holiday itinerary, according to server The range, which is the longest mountain chain on the Balkan peninsula, lies on the border between Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina where the highest peak Troglav (1913 m) can be found. The highest peak in Croatia, Sinjal (1831 meters), is popular among domestic as well as foreign hikers who come to enjoy the rocky trails and spectacular views.

Two trails lead to the top of Sinjal. A two-day trail starts in the village of Guge not far from the Knin town. From there hikers continue 14 kilometers to the chalet of Brezovac either on foot or in an off-road vehicle. From the chalet a marked hiking trail leads the visitors to the peak.

The other trail takes just one day and starts in the Glavas village, where the visitors can explore its unique stone houses. A marked trail leads from there directly to the summit, which can be reached after approximately four hours. On their way the tourists also pass the ruin of the Gradina fortress where they can take pictures of the historic place.

Hikers planning a trip to Sinjal can look forward to enjoying the beauty of wild daffodils scattered along the trail as well as stunning views of the region. The top of Sinjal is often covered with snow even in summer.

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