Wayne M. Gore - Sep 13, 2010
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Croatian karst rivers represent not only an opportunity to admire local flora and fauna but also a reminder of the recent war conflict. Thanks to numerous mine fields, however, the visitors can enjoy nature unspoilt by humans.


Sunny beaches, national parks, medieval castles, World Heritage Sites – Croatia offers numerous options for tourists enjoying their holiday in Southeastern Europe by the Adriatic Sea. The country, however, is also quite popular among divers, kayakers and canoeists who come in growing numbers to explore the local karst rivers.

Adventurers planning to canoe down one of the local rivers can look forward to crystal clear water, unique karst formations, as well as tortoises, water snakes, and various schools of fish. One of the most popular locations for canoe or raft trips organized by local providers is the Zrmanja River running through a 200-meter-deep canyon, reported Mreznica River on the other hand lures tourists especially wiht its large number of waterfalls, totaling 93.

While canoeing down the river visitors are often reminded of the recent war conflict by numerous warnings marking mine fields. The right Mreznica river bank is actually completely inaccessible to people because of mines. Thanks to that, however, visitors can enjoy the beauty of the nature quite untouched by civilization. Numerous weirs, pools, and bays lure travelers to enjoy the refreshing waters of this deserted canyon.

Although thanks to the Croatian authorities the safety situation is gradually improving – the number of marked mine fields has grown over the last five years – it is still necessary to be quite careful where you go. The easiest and safest way how to enjoy the beauties of the karst rivers is thus by joining the canoe, kayak or raft tours organized by local travel agents.

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