Anna Luebke - Feb 7, 2011

The National Geographic Society has proudly announced the launch of a new adventure program with unique itineraries which combine natural wonders with challenge and education.


The National Geographic Society has long been striving to make all humankind aware of the wondrous world around us and rightly deserves the respect and praise which come from many. Recently, the Society introduced a completely new branch of their activities, the ‘National Geographic Adventures’. The carefully designed itineraries will take travel enthusiasts to some of the most remote corners of the globe and it would not be National Geographic, if there was not a little something extra.

Approximately a dozen itineraries have been revealed, which feature diverse levels of challenge. From easy, moderate to strenuous or even ultimate challenge, the range of possibilities will surely trigger the interest of many. The maximum number of adventurers in one group is 16, which means much more efficient travel, flexibility, as well as more comfortable accommodation options.

All tours will be conducted by well trained, experienced guides, and to make sure travelers get a chance to admire the setting as well as learn about the place of visit, local guides and experts in the field accompany the groups, offering priceless insight into local specifics. Visits to places like Alaska, Bhutan, Chile, Mongolia, Nepal, and Tanzania seem magical on their own; but often these are a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and thanks to National Geographic, tourists can now get the most out of their dream adventure.

A 15-day trek through Himalayas to reach the sacred mountain of Chomo Lhari in Bhutan will undoubtedly appeal to adrenalin junkies. Visiting Alaskan Glacier Bay National Park to enjoy some sea kayaking and whale watching sounds slightly less challenging, but equally exciting. Trekking across the Sahara Desert or riding across Mongolia on horseback are also experiences unlikely to be forgotten. National Geographic have the skill, network and know-how to organize trips one will never forget.

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