Justin N. Froyd - Feb 28, 2011

With a massive growth in adventure tourism around the globe, two of the leading names in the industry have decided to team up and make growth even larger.


Intrepid and Tui are companies, which dominate the adventure travel on a worldwide scale. The former is based in Melbourne, whereas Tui dominates the UK market. Due to the locations, it was decided that the two companies should make a joint venture to grow together. The joint venture is 60% Tui and 40% Intrepid with each side aiming to gain on a large scale from the other.

According to the British government, the adventure travel industry grew by 190% between 2006 and 2009, making it one of the most rewarding areas of tourism to be involved in. This type of tourism includes trekking, climbing and other similar activities and it is true to say that the statistical success of the industry could be somewhat put down to its definition being enlarged by different new activities on a frequent basis. Television and Internet devotion to adventures and adventure travel has very much aided the evolution of the sector.

Tui has traditionally dominated the UK adventure travel retail shop market, where Intrepid hopes to make inroads. On the other hand, Intrepid has a long-term traditional hold of the Australian adventure market and Tui wants to make progress in Australia, whilst also taking full advantage of the opportunity to build on the Intrepid innovations in the area of urban adventures.

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