Larry Brain - Aug 30, 2010
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A recently conducted study has revealed that adventure tourism has become an $89 billion industry in 2009 and is no longer considered a lure for a few dare devils.


Adventure tourism was long perceived as a small branch, which only the rich or the restless engaged in. Nevertheless, times and tastes have changed and the demand for adrenalin activities has significantly increased in recent years. With stronger demand, the choices have grown and diversified massively, and adventure attractions started to conquer many world countries. According to a study recently conducted by researchers from the Business School at George Washington University, last year tourists spent $89 billion on adventure holidays; this sum excludes flights and necessary equipment.

The researchers interviewed 850 tourists from the Americas and Europe and found out that countries with the highest number of devoted adrenalin seekers are the United States, Argentina, Brazil, the United Kingdom, Germany and Spain. Despite expectations, the average age of an adventurous traveler is 36 and the cost of their holiday ranges from $450 to $800 excluding flights and gear.

The adventure tourism market is growing while all the other branches still linger behind due to the recession. It clearly has a lot of potential and can reach much more travelers. After all, it is nothing to be scared of – jumping off cliffs and diving with sharks is not exactly the only kind of adventure – hiking, rafting or cycling holidays are fun for everyone.

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