Ashley Nault - Apr 12, 2010

Cliff jumping, skydiving, rafting down a waterfall… these may sound truly extreme experiences to many, but French Ultime Realite has gone a step further and with great success. So what is the ultimate buzz for adrenaline junkies?


Adventure tourism remains one of the fastest growing branches of the industry and many countries have already joined in to offer life-changing experiences to the ever-present adrenalin junkies. Rafting down waterfalls, jumping off planes, swimming with the sharks, they all seemed like the ultimate adventures, until Mr. Georges Cexus opened his business in France in mid-January 2010. His firm, Ultime Realite will turn their clients’ world upside down – and charges well for it.

Ultime Realite offers life-altering, customizable packages labeled ‘Kidnapping’, ‘Manhunt’, ‘Go-Fast Adventure’, and many others. High-ranking executives present the majority of clientele of Ultime Realite and they really do have a sense for danger. Whether they wish to be kidnapped, bound and gagged, exchanged for ransom or rescued in a major mock-military operation – Mr. Cexus sees to every desired detail.

The starting price of the extreme package is EUR 900 and increases rapidly if high-tech gadgets are employed. As Mr. Cexus believes, many of his clients frequently wish to defeat their phobias; one client wished to spend the night in a morgue or be buried alive. Another bizarre adventure featured a drug smuggling race on the high seas.

Ultime Realite is a huge hit, with two new clients every day. The one setback might be the shocked friends, family or onlookers witnessing the kidnappings. While local police has no legal objection to this thrilling new business, they do wish to be duly informed as emergency calls are to be expected soon after each kidnapping.


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