Gregory Dolgos - Mar 28, 2016
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The organizers of the 2022 football World Cup in Qatar are exploring the possibility of accommodating football fans in tents in desert areas near stadiums and on cruise ships with a view to showcase the Middle East hospitality and friendship.

The World Cup organizers consider tent accommodation as a creative as well as culturally authentic way of meeting FIFA requirements. It is estimated that as many as 500,000 football fans would turn up for watching the tournaments which is scheduled to be held during November and December 2022. 

A statement issued by the Qatar World Cup Supreme Committee noted that the essence of the organizing the championship in Qatar is a commitment to showcasing the Middle East hospitality. The statement also noted that Qatar is seriously researching the concept of tent accommodation – sleeping in the dessert under the stars – so as to ensure a unique World Cup experience to the fans.

Qatar is also working with all of the stakeholders in order to offer varied accommodation as well as entertainment solutions during the course of the matches. According to Qatar Tourism Authority (QTA), accommodation is being prepared for about 12,000 fans on cruise ships as well. QTA said in April last year that they have been establishing strong relationships with operators of international cruise liners and other specialists in the industry over the last few years. 

This is of great importance as far as Qatar is concerned, especially because the country would benefit extensively in terms of sourcing additional accommodation for visitors and fans during the World Cup in 2022. The plan is to contract at least 6,000 cruise ship rooms during the Cup.

According to a QTP spokesperson, this equates accommodation for 12,000 fans. After Qatar won the bid to hold the Football World Cup in 2022, the country invested tens of billions of dollars in upgrading infrastructure and building scores of apartment and hotel complexes.

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