Chris Grad - Sep 9, 2013
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Tourist attractions in Mexican Cancun and the Maya Riviera play a key role because of their natural beauty as well as business potential. These factors have influenced a group of businessmen from Qatar who are willing to invest USD 100 million to develop tourism project there.

In that sense, Juan Pablo Mirabent Pizarro, former president of the Mexican Association of Real Estate Professionals (AMPI), reported that a few weeks ago, he traveled around Mexico with a group of investors from Qatar. He explained that, after inviting them to come to Quintana Roo and visit several places there, a portfolio of businesses was presented to them in which they may invest.

“We showed them hotel grounds in both destinations, as well as properties convenient to build luxury residential condominiums, shopping malls, and even hospitals. In the coming months, they will inform us about their decision,” he added.

The real estate professional said that Qatari businessmen are willing to invest at least USD 100 million in Mexican tourism projects because they saw the economic and business potential that they could develop in Cancun and the Maya Riviera.

He said that they did not know the place and they liked the idea of ​​having a presence in both locations. Since both places are well-known and popular around the Middle East, they are confident that the businessmen can fulfill the investment in the coming months.

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