Ashley Nault - Nov 1, 2023
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Winter camping is a special and unique experience that differs markedly from summer trips in many ways.

Despite many challenges, as well as fears, especially among beginners, winter overnight stays in a tent are not as radical as they might seem at first glance. The main things here are planning and packing. Choose the location that interests you, check tips for camping tips, and get the necessary things, from warm clothes and useful items to a reliable tent for winter camping and portable heaters.

Proper trip planning allows you to avoid many risks and unpleasant surprises, ensuring that your winter camping trip will be a success.

And to guarantee your trip will be a great experience, it is essential to think ahead about what you will be doing there. After all, just sitting and talking with your friends near the camp can get boring the very next day. Therefore, it is worth finding activities that interest you and can make your camping experience fulfilling and exciting.

We have prepared a list of fun winter activities you can include in your camping plan to make it an unforgettable experience!

Skiing & Snowshoeing

One of the most exciting things to do in winter is winter sports. By camping in winter, you can learn something new and get a hobby, such as skiing or snowshoeing. Both of these activities are not extremely difficult to learn, so anyone can try them.

In addition, in many locations that offer spots for winter camping, you can find specially equipped places for skiing. Also,  if you do not have your own equipment, you can rent it.

Outdoor activities are a great way to make your camping more interesting and eventful, and skiing is just that.

Tubing & Sledding

Another way to have a great time is tubing or sledding. These activities are perfect if you are going camping with your family. After all, sledding is a fun way to spend time for both children and adults since there are no age restrictions here.

As with skiing, you can also rent a tube or sled in some winter camping locations. However, it is always better to find out if there is such an option in advance or take your own sled on the trip.

Ice Skating

Ice skating is another popular winter sport. When planning your camping trip, you can choose a location with frozen lakes or ponds where you can go ice skating. This activity feels very different from the indoor skating rinks you can visit in the city. Being in the open air and surrounded by stunning winter scenery makes ice skating a truly magnificent experience.

However, check the thickness of the ice before entering it. Also, safe places for ice skating can be found in some locations. You can notice this from the sign or by seeing other visitors skating.


Hiking is the most common activity in camping at any time of the year. After all, all you need is a trail and an area to explore.

The advantage of hiking is that each location has its own landscape, flora, and fauna. In addition, each season has a unique charm. This means the same place can look completely different depending on the time of year. This is why, when planning a camping trip, you can always visit the same location but in a different season to see these differences and enjoy another side of this place.

Winter landscapes are mesmerizing. White tops of trees, frozen waterfalls, a feeling of freshness, and reflections of the sun's rays on the ice, will give you a pleasant visual experience and the opportunity to have a great time in nature, away from cities and bustle.

In many cases, just finding a great spot with scenic views and accessible trails will be enough to create a truly amazing winter camping experience!

Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is a great hobby that is quite different from regular fishing. Moreover, this hobby often involves camping, which makes a combination of fishing + camping common among many fishermen.

While in the case of dedicated fishermen, camping is a consequence of their hobby, for travelers and enthusiasts, ice fishing can be an interesting way to explore something new and try their luck at catching a trophy.

You can easily find many locations offering winter fishing and spots where you can set up your camp. So, if you don’t know what you could do while camping, then ice fishing is a good option.


If you are into adrenaline and more extreme sports, then snowboarding is just that option.

Everything here is the same as with skiing or skating. You can always find locations where you can go snowboarding and set up camp not far from that place.

However, snowboarding has a higher barrier to entry. If, in most cases, basic instructions are enough for you to start skiing, then with a snowboard, everything is a little more complicated. Here, you always need to keep a balance, which is difficult for many beginners. Also, this is a more dangerous type of activity, so it may not be suitable for everyone. But, if you like an adrenaline rush and would like to try something new and exciting, then snowboarding can give you a great experience and unforgettable memories!

Final Thoughts

Camping is the perfect hobby to take a break from routine and enjoy nature. Here, you can try a variety of activities that would be interesting to you and your friends. The list of possible options is limited only by your imagination and opportunities.

When it comes to winter camping, different sports or even children's games like snowball fights will make your trip really exciting and fun. At the same time, winter is also a great season for observing nature, taking photographs, looking for inspiration, or even challenging yourself. In any case, every trip is a new experience, and activities are the way to make this experience unforgettable!


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