Alec Hills - Oct 17, 2022
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Who hasn't dreamed of going on an adventure in their car or van? If the end of the world is often a goal in itself for the most motivated, Europe is full of destinations where to live the best moments. Tourism Review introduces its own choice of top five road trips in Europe for the coming winter.

Finnish Lapland: A Visit to Santa Claus


If the Finnish part of Lapland is privileged, it is obviously because of the famous Santa Claus Village! But you will also be able to enjoy all the other benefits of the north of the continent: northern lights, sublime snowy landscapes, saunas, etc. And if many places are designed to let your car through, don't forget to also use more original means of transport such as snowmobiles or dog sleds.

Iceland: The Star of the Road Trips


Iceland is the most intriguing European country in recent years. It is a place where the goalkeepers of the national team make films or where a comedian is elected as mayor of Reykjavik. But what attracts more and more people is the breathtaking scenery that can be visited easily. The most popular is renting a car or a van, because in Iceland you don't visit one place but you want to see everything this country has to offer.

Austria: The Unexpected Alternative


For most people, Austria is not the most attractive country in Europe. Yet, this country is full of surprises and possibilities. In addition to being less expensive because it is less popular than other countries, you will find everything that makes a winter road trip so charming: fabulous landscapes, ski resorts, etc. but also magnificent castles and of course the famous city of Vienna with its romantic charm. Austria has definitely not finished surprising us.

Andalusia: When You Cannot Choose


For the undecided, there is always an alternative! It's called Andalusia and it allows you to enjoy the ski resorts in the Sierra Nevada as well as to discover a region rich in history and very pleasant weather. A little walk in the streets of Seville? The beach in Cadiz or Gibraltar? Or visit the jewels of the region, the Alhambra of Granada and the mosque-cathedral of Cordoba? All this with the wild rhythms of Flamenco in mind.

Madeira: Discovering the Islands


It is of course possible to not want to spend your winter in the cold and snow. If several southern islands offer sunny trips, it can be interesting to choose a more unusual place for your road trip: the island of Madeira. Close to Africa but attached to Portugal, Madeira offers permanent sunny weather and breathtaking landscapes. Whether it is near the sea or inland, you will have an infinite number of possibilities for an unforgettable road trip.


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