Andrew J. Wein - Jan 30, 2023
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Winter is here across most European countries, but not everyone enjoys winter activities like skiing or skating. The vacation home Holidu has investigated which cities are best suited for a winter escape. For this study, the temperatures and sunshine hours in all European coastal cities were compared to determine the best destinations in Europe for sunshine lovers during the winter season. Brought to you by Tourism Review.

Spain: Los Cristianos

Average sunshine hours in winter: 320.60. Average winter temperature: 20.6ºC

On the podium, the best European destination to escape the winter temperatures is Los Cristianos in Tenerife! Located on the largest of the Canary Islands, on the south coast, Los Cristianos averages over 320 hours of sunshine during the winter months and an average temperature of 20.6ºC. A bonus: outside of high season, there are far fewer tourists flocking to this popular coastal town. Enjoy the warm temperatures on one of the gorgeous beaches or during a trip to the "Monkey Park".

Greece: Agios Nikolaos

Average sunshine hours in winter: 261,46. Average winter temperature: 16.4ºC

Do you want to soak up the winter sun in Greece? Then visit dreamy Agios Nikolaos on the largest Greek island of Crete. The winter sunshine hours average 261.46 and the average winter temperature is 16.4ºC. The charming coastal town offers many highlights: Visit the seaside town beaches and restaurants or explore the nearby abandoned castles and olive farms. If you want to work from Agios Nikolaos, you are sure to find a nice ambience in one of the numerous cafes near the coast with a view of the hills or in one of the picturesque alleys.

Italy: Syracuse

Average sunshine hours in winter: 258.20. Average winter temperature: 16.4ºC

The top travel destination in Italy on our list is the historic city of Syracuse on the island of Sicily. With 258 hours of sunshine in winter and an average temperature of 16.4ºC, it invites all Italy fans to spend the winter. Embark on a journey through history and explore the many archaeological sites or enjoy the stunning surroundings with a glass of wine. Do you love Italy? Then think no more and be sure to include Syracuse on your personal list of winter destinations!

Portugal: Luz

Average hours of sunshine in winter: 250.10. Average winter temperature: 15.8ºC

One of the perfect destinations in Europe in the winter is the small coastal town of Luz in Portugal, with an average of 250 hours of sunshine and an average temperature of 15.8ºC in winter. Luz is located in the Algarve and has stunning beaches surrounded by spectacular cliffs. This charming town is not to be missed on your next winter getaway.

Malta: Gzira

Average sunshine duration in winter: 238.56 hours. Average winter temperature: 17.9 ºC

Just south of Sicily lies the island of Malta. The town of Gzira is located on the northeast of the island and is a great destination for wintering. The city has a large harbor, from which you can take a harbor tour, for example. Go in search of the most beautiful beaches and visit the charismatic fishing villages. The average winter temperature here is 17.9 ºC, and the sun shines 238 hours, which sounds like a perfect winter getaway.

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