Alec Hills - Jan 9, 2023
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Where to go on holiday in 2023? Despite the crises, the desire to travel will remain high next year, as recent surveys show. The popular destinations to visit range from Mexico to Italy to Malaysia. A survey by Booking offers inspiration for destinations that are not among the absolute classics. Around 24,000 people revealed which places are exciting for them in 2023. Tourism Review presents the best off the beaten path destinations to visit.

7. Kalambaka, Greece


At the foot of the Meteora Mountains lies the town of Kalambaka, which attracts vacationers with a rich cultural history. The Meteora monasteries, which stand on the impressive rock formations, were built around the eleventh century and are now a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Meteora comes from ancient Greek and means "floating in the air" in English. Anyone who sees the impressive monasteries perched on the mountains will understand where the name comes from.

6. Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia


Kota Kinabalu is often affectionately called just "KK" by its inhabitants and is located on the island of Borneo. The town was granted city status only in 2000, but has been an important center for trade in rubber, rattan, honey and wax for more than 100 years before that.

Kota Kinabalu is an excellent starting point for trips to Borneo's numerous nature reserves, which offer tourists an impressive variety of flora and fauna. White sandy beaches make it possible to just relax on the sand and look at the sea in between.

5. Bolzano, Italy


Central European and Mediterranean culture - Bolzano has both to offer. The capital of South Tyrol lies amid vineyards and Alpine panoramas.

Vacationers will find a wide range of activities here, from sporty ski resorts and a buzzing nightlife to medieval buildings and cultural attractions such as the archaeology museum with the famous glacier mummy Ötzi.

4. São Paulo, Brazil


São Paulo is one of the largest cities in the world, with 12.33 million people living in Brazil's financial center. This population wealth offers tourists a wide range of cultural activities and a vibrant nightlife.

So, if you want to enjoy the sun not only in the impressive beach hotels, you have the opportunity to visit a large number of museums, galleries and bars.  

3. Pondicherry, India


French culture is certainly not the first thing vacationers usually think of when they talk about India. But if you travel to Pondicherry on the southeast coast of India, you might think you're in a European country.

Houses with French flair and streets with French names lined with sidewalk cafés, this is Ville Blanche, the French quarter of Pondicherry, which narrates the colonial past of the former capital of French India and makes the place one of the popular destinations to visit.

2. Santiago de Querétaro, Mexico


Santiago de Querétaro is a popular tourist destination because of its architecture and well-kept parks. Its proximity to Mexico City makes the scene of important events in Mexican history easily accessible for tourists.

Santiago de Querétaro is where the war for Mexican independence began in 1810 and where Mexico's first constitution was adopted in 1917. One of the most impressive buildings is the huge aqueduct that dominates the cityscape.

1. Budva, Montenegro


The small town in Montenegro is considered one of the oldest places on the Adriatic coast, it is known for its beautiful sandy beaches and the historic walls of its old town.

According to legend, Budva was founded over 2500 years ago by the son of the Phoenician king Agenor. Nowadays, the town is a protected monument and its historic center is one of the most beautiful old towns in Montenegro.

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