Daniel A. Tanner - Jan 31, 2011
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Sardinia can offer tourists different attractions. Megalithic structures, nice beaches as well as diving possibilities. There are also a lot of wine shops that help to create its unique atmosphere. Moreover, a scientific study has shown that local wines could be the reason behind the long lives of local people.


Scientists have been trying for some time to figure out why the inhabitants of the Mediterranean island of Sardinia live on average longer than people in the rest of Europe. An unprecedentedly high percentage of the Sardinians are older then eighty years. According to the study recently published in Nature journal, genes, climate, food but also Sardinian red wine are the reasons behind the long life.

The wines of Sardinia contain molecules of tannin that prevent cardiovascular diseases, for example arterial sclerosis. As informed, wine shops are everywhere in Sardinia. The biggest Sardinian city Cagliari is full of them and sitting in one of them in the evening enables tourists to experience the unique atmosphere of the place.

The island is called the Caribbean of the Mediterranean and it is an ideal tourism destination. Visitors can spend their time on sandy as well as stony beaches. Wild countryside, fantastic dive sites and delicious meals such as langouste also attract tourists to Sardinia. Some people believe that the island is the mythical Atlantis. Such ideas have been supported by the discovery of the remains of megalithic structures after a period of heavy rains. The structures are called nuraghe and there are thousands of them scattered throughout the whole island.

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