Andrew J. Wein - Mar 2, 2015
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‘Sardinia Is the Island of the Quality of Life.’ The slogan epitomizes the contents of the new strategy undertaken by Regione Sardegna to reposition its brand on the international market.

“For the next three years, the promotion will be tripled compared to the 2014 campaign,” says Francesco Morandi, chairman of Sardinia tourism. “It will aim to strengthen international promotion through the new positioning strategy of Sardinia, which will take advantage of the Milanese expo to outline its quality of life for strategic markets.”

“The new promotional strategy involves the strengthening of our territorial marketing and the establishing of new topic-related products such as environmental sustainability, gastronomic excellences, wellbeing and cultural inheritance.”

Besides the traditional European markets, among the targeted markets are Brazil, Mexico, USA, China, Japan, Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.

Organization of numerous promo events, as well as a new rendering of the web portal and a regional web agency, will support these new strategic activities, which will also favor digital and social marketing.

According to Francesco Morandi, Sardinia is also working on the development of transportation to “keep prices down and improve connections. We are working on sea transportation, air traffic and internal connections, in order to improve and implement them as well as making our destination more reachable and competitive.”

This commitment is a natural follow-up of last year's outstanding performance, with 2.3 million tourists, a 9.2% increase over 2013. “International tourists grew by 10% and domestic travelers at a rate of 6.6%.” Domestic flow mostly relies on Lombardia, Lazio and Piemonte, whilst international ones are led by Germany, more than 10.5%, France, Swiss, UK and Spain.

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