Joe McClain - Jun 6, 2011
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Visitors of Madeira Island can enjoy hiking, admire the landscape, swim in the sea and also explore local cuisine that includes delicious fish as well as the famous Madeira wine.

Madeira is the best known island of the Portuguese archipelago of the same name. It is popular especially with visitors who look for something more than sun and beach holidays.

The island is attractive for tourists because of its wonderful landscape, flowers, delicious meals, and of course because of its famous wine.

Thanks to the Gulf Stream the island has a rather pleasant weather all year long. Temperatures are around 25°C in July and August and they rarely drop bellow 18°C in winter. Moreover, since the island is only 22 km wide and 57 km long it is easy to explore the whole place in one week.

According to server, the best time for visiting Madeira is around the Easter. It is not so hot for hiking and more flowers are in blossom. However, visitors might get some rainy and foggy days. Risk of rains in summer is minimal but on the other hand everything is rather dry including the beautiful flowers.

It is also possible to enjoy sea while on the island but there is only one natural sand beach at the Prainha village. However, the temperature of the water reaches a maximum of 23°C and it is also quite windy there.

Among other attractions of Madeira are Levadas – old irrigation channels. There are over two thousand of them on the island and tourists particularly enjoy walking along them.

Those who love flowers should definitely visit the botanical gardens in the city of Funchal. They are located on the peak called Monte and tourists can get there easily by a funicular. There is a beautiful view of the city from the top.

Another place worth visiting is the church Nossa Senhora where the last Austro-Hungarian emperor is buried. Charles I came to the island after the fall of the empire and stayed there until his death. A statue in front of the church also commemorates him.

Visitors should definitely explore local cuisine offering delicious meals. Grilled fish but also dishes prepared from beef are definitely worth tasting. Madeira wine is also renowned.

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