Andrea Hausold - May 3, 2020
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The Madeira Autonomous Region Promotion Association (APM) has launched a certification of good practices to manage biological risks. The novelty, the health security certificate, will be available to member companies and the aim is to strengthen the travelers' confidence. The idea is part of the mission to strengthen health security, for tourism to grow again after the pandemic.

"The implementation of measures that provide comfort to travelers is fundamental to restore collective well-being. We believe this joint commitment will help tourism grow again," says Eduardo Jesus, regional secretary of tourism and culture and president of APM.

Nuno Vale, executive director of APM, says the health security certificate increases the competitiveness of members, guaranteeing all safety and health conditions. "An international, accredited and independent certification is essential for all players in the tourism sector and will be a qualitative differential, besides an obligation for those who want to have tourism business in the future,” he evaluates.

Besides the certificate, a webinar is scheduled for May, where the measure and the certification process for companies will be presented. In June, the certification manual will be launched and in July the certifications will begin to be issued.

The goal is to certify up to 160 companies per month, including hotels, restaurants, travel agencies, rental companies, among other official tourist establishments.

APM will also give its members the necessary conditions to join the certification process, which will be done with SGS quality assurance.

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