Kevin Eagan - Jan 6, 2020
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Europe has several hidden gems and treasures waiting to be unfolded. But apart from this, several places in Europe are ready to be discovered by novice and seasoned travelers alike, such as Naples.

If you find yourself traveling by land in Europe but suddenly have the chance to travel by air from Naples because of cheap flights, then perhaps your biggest dilemma would be where to leave your car. This shouldn’t actually be a problem, especially in Naples because of the availability of ‘parcheggio aeroporto Capodichino’, which stands for airport parking in Naples. Apart from this, there is also a dedicated online site that will allow you to compare several airport parking lots near Naples airport. This tool allows you to find the cheapest deals in terms of airport parking. More often than not, the registered parking areas near the airport has a shuttle bus that will take you from the parking lot to the terminal.

Hence, if you ever have a chance, don’t pass on the opportunity to visit Naples in Italy because you will surely not regret it.

Archeological museums and the arts

The archeological museums in Naples can be considered as the best, not only in Italy, but in the whole of Europe. If you are particularly interested in Roman art, Naples should be one of the places you need to go to. Even the back streets of Naples are filled with art masterpieces such as Caravaggio's Seven Works of Mercy in the Cappella Sansevero.

Views and unusual sights

Naples has several breathtaking views. Bask in the seafront and just breathe in the astonishing view of the Bay of Naples. You can also hike up the hill and visit the fortress of Castel Sant’Elmo where you can see more spectacular views across the bay. There are also several unusual sights in Naples, such as a hospital that repairs broken dolls or an Ancient Greek watchtower in a theatre. There is also an underground altar that cures headaches and a garage with 70 vintage Vespas. These sites are not only unusual, but they are even more intriguing.

Food and coffee culture

Naples is a haven for food lovers. It is the home of the ever famous margherita pizza. Aside from this, the pastries are equally impeccably good. Apart from the food, Naples is also popular for a rather strong coffee, which also makes it a haven for coffee lovers. In Naples, you can have coffee while standing up or while lounging around. There is a certain coffee tradition in Naples wherein you can opt to buy coffee for two, and the second cup will be given to a future customer who can’t afford to have coffee.

Naples is a very lovely place to visit, whether you are a first-timer or a returning tourist. It offers several breathtaking views, as well as an environment that is both inviting and peaceful. This fascinating city is just rich in arts, history, and of course, food.

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