Chris Grad - Mar 8, 2019

Italy, the most sought-after vacation destination in Europe, is popular among tourists not only for its delectable cuisine and eye-catchy attractions but also for its easy accessibility around the country.

A well-known mode of transport in Italy is the high-speed railway systems run both by the state and a private agency. If one is planning to avail any of these Italy vacations - premium travel packages, make sure to catch either the Frecce trains or Italotreno to travel to the major cities in the country.

Here are some of the best ways to travel in Italy:

Rent a car

Though it might seem like a good idea to rent a car in Italy to travel the less frequented regions such as Puglia where high-speed trains are not accessible, it would require one to go through an extensive procedure of providing documents to hire a suitable vehicle. It is advisable to rent a car only if one wants to visit the countryside as the major cities are known to have narrow passages that can be a bit daunting to navigate. Moreover, parking across the country is expensive and so is the fuel.


Take a ferry

Among the 20 regions that Italy is divided into, two are basically islands located a few kilometers away from the southernmost mainland. One can easily reach the islands of Sicily and Sardinia via a ferry boat other than by air. The travel time is about half an hour to Sicily which is not only cheaper and quicker but also very picturesque. Certain regions in northern Italy also require the assistance of ferry boats to reach destinations like Cinque Terre and Bellagio.

InterCity and InterRegionale trains

These trains are for regular commuters across the country and not just the major cities of Italy. Although high-speed trains are easier, faster and much more comfortable to travel in, they are not accessible in every region of the country. If one wishes to visit regions such as Bari, one must rely on the InterCity/InterRegionale trains or simply hire a car. The ticket prices are cheaper compared to high-speed trains and do not require prior booking.

Hire a Vespa

If staying in Vatican City for a longer period is your preferred choice of vacation, then hiring a Vespa is a good idea. Not only it is easier to navigate around the narrow streets of the city but is equally convenient to go through the hiring process compared to four-wheelers.


High-Speed trains

As already mentioned, high-speed trains are the best way to get around the country.  The most sought-after train services are Trenitalia and Italotreno. Both the train systems run at an impressive speed of 250 km per hour and take about less than 4 hours to connect the major cities of the country. Check out Naples to Rome train - Rail.Ninja to get an idea about the fares and timings.

With such smooth accessibility to all the regions of the country, it’s no wonder that Italy scores high on the number of tourist influx. So, pick the most convenient mode based on where you are heading in Italy and make the most of your time there!

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  1. Missing in this article : yacht charter. A lot of our clients like to travel all the islands including Sicily or Sardinia on yachts.
    Of course this is for a more wealthy clientele but this is the best way to hop from one place to the other should it be on land or on the island.

    Elisabeth Niek (France)

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