Joe McClain - Mar 30, 2020
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According to experts, the Covid-19 outbreak is likely to cause tourism in Italy to fall back to the level at which it was in the mid-1960s.

"Even if we imagine a quick solution to the health crisis in Italy, the effect of the pandemic on the international market and the confidence of travelers will make us end the year with a reduction of more than 260 million visits (-60%) compared to last year," commented the tourism operators' union Assoturismo on its website.

"Italian tourism would therefore end the year 2020 with around 172 million visits: a level that was recorded in the mid-1960s when the world was divided into blocks (Cold War) and when air travel was a luxury that few people could afford," continued Assoturismo.

The syndicate is counting on a gradual return to normality in May, but not for tourism. The syndicate believes that "borders and international links will remain blocked until the pandemic has receded at least in the main foreign tourist markets".

According to Assoturismo, "tourism in Italy is worth, directly and indirectly, 13% of GDP and more than three million jobs" in accommodation, catering, transport.

One of the sectors of the industry, that was particularly hit hard is the beach tourism. The national coordinator of the G20 Beaches and mayor of San Michele, Pasqualino Codognotto, asked the government to help the region urgently. The aim is to safeguard over 30 thousand companies operating in the sector. Codognotto also highlighted the four pillars in support and revitalization of the seaside resorts: seasonal workers, tourist companies, seaside municipalities, tourist promotion.

Most of the companies within tourism in Italy wait for the time when the measures loosen up and visitors come back to see the sights. As in other countries, the tourism board plans first to promote domestic tourism since the borders of neighboring countries may stay closed for many more months.

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