William Law - Oct 18, 2011
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Come autumn and one of the most picturesque parts of Italy, Tuscany, becomes a haven of festivals.  These offer a diverting opportunity to see, taste, smell and most importantly, experience the fantastic range of activities. Some festivals have already begun; many more shall start within a few weeks. As an accommodation option travellers could consider exclusive Tuscany villas with pools and enjoy the holiday even more!

Impruneta Fiar of Saint Luke starts on 18th October and attracts farming enthusiasts along with folk lovers. It is a religious feast and presents a popular cattle and horse fair, information on saddlery and farm machinery. Wednesday will attract visitors with a hilarious donkey race as well as many other games and closing fireworks display shall conclude the entire fair on Thursday.

The last weekend of October, festival fans will head to the Sagra del Tordo in Montalcino. Here, they may enjoy local drum parades as well as learn the delicate art of archery and those lucky enough to get an invite shall savor the magnificent feast held inside the walls of the castle.

Late October and early November features the Radicondoli Festa ‘of roasted chesnuts’ or Castagne e Vino. The festival may not be as high-profile as others, but all the more reason to visit and enjoy the authentic life in Tuscany life. An interesting highlight features a free-style noise-making contest of local brass band, yet a rich choice of delicious wine, roasted chestnuts and divine porchetta are enough of a temptation.

The Sagra del Fungo e della Castagna (or ‘the Mushroom and Chestnut Festival’) on the second and third weekends of October in a small village Vivo d’Orcia becomes heaven for mushroom fans and lovers. The nature walk will be a hands-on experience featuring many kinds of mushrooms. The main attraction, however, is the surprising diversity of mushroom delicacies to taste.

Families and guests who come to Tuscany will receive a warm welcome by locals and when searching for accommodation, many visitors prefer local villas. The tradition dates back to Roman times. Tuscany villas with pools are equipped with many modern amenities and present an ideal option for groups of all sizes.

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