Sara Thopson - Sep 6, 2010

Amazing battles, explosions of ships, pirate costumes and celebrations; that is the program of Pirate Festival that takes place on the Cayman Islands in the Caribbean every year.


The Jolly Roger flag could be seen in the harbor where fireworks and cannonade mix with Caribbean music during the festival. Streets are crowded with people wearing headscarves and with parrots on their shoulders. It looks like a scene from ‘The Pirates of the Caribbean’ movie.

The Cayman Islands are famous for diving and beautiful beaches. It is a popular tourist destination as it is but locals like to make it even more attractive with festivals. The pirate festival belongs among the most popular ones and this year it will take place between November 11th and 21st.

It is a unique festival because of a number of events that take place there and also because of the fact that there is no entrance fee. As Novinky.cz informs the most popular events are the battles where two pirate groups fight each other in George Town. There are plenty of other events to see during the 11 days of the festival. The attractions and events get more and more exciting every year. There are more fireworks and even exploding ships as well as other things that make the battles even more spectacular. Competitions in which the queen of the festival or the best pirate mask is chosen take place at the festival too.

There are not only pirates in the streets during the festival. Police officers offer rides in police cars with the siren on. Visitors who like diving can take part in a treasure seeking competition. They have to look for little coins hidden at the bottom of the sea. These coins could then be exchanged for vouchers for use at the festival.

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