Cecilia Garland - Jul 5, 2010

The statistics of the Caribbean Tourism Organization proves that this year is going to be better for the Caribbean region. Most of the tourist destinations in the area are experiencing the growth in incoming visitors.


The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) has announced a 4.5% increase in tourist arrivals in 2010 in 23 of the 33 member countries. The growth is driven upwards by the U.S. market, which has risen by 6.5% in arrivals in the first 4 months of the year. In contrast, the European market, second behind the United States, has seen a decline. The trend since the beginning of the year is less encouraging, with an estimated decline in arrivals at 4.3%. 

Mainly anglophone Caribbean islands benefit from the recovery of the U.S. market which is proved by a considerable growth in arrivals to the Bahamas, Cayman Islands (+8.3%) or Barbados (+1.7%) and Antigua & Barbuda. Jamaica recorded a growth of nearly 10% of its tourists too thus showing one of the best figures in the Caribbean. St. Lucia confirms its reputation as the sought-after destination of the moment with an increase of 12.5% of tourists between January and March.

Other destinations also benefit, as is the case of U.S. Virgin Islands, which have registered an increase of 11.5% of tourists. However, Cuba announced stagnation of its tourist arrivals since the beginning of 2010, primarily due to the decline in Canadian and European markets, while the Dominican Republic recorded an increase of 2% of its tourists and Puerto Rico 8.8%. 

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