Gregory Dolgos - Sep 23, 2013

Hotels and other accommodation facilities in Tuscany reported 0.7% increase of guests and 0.5% more overnight stays over the summer (June-August). The data were released by Toscana Promozione that surveyed 796 companies within the local hospitality industry.

Tourism in Italian Tuscany is improving thanks to the demand from abroad and also due to a small recovery of the Italian demand in August. However, the findings revealed other trends as well – more tourists chose their accommodation based on the prices rather than the services themselves; there was further increase of the close-to-date reservation quota, booked through the web; and the luxury segment is raging thanks the influx of non-EU nationals.
June has been the worst month (-1.3% arrivals) due to the decrease of the Italian market demand (-3.6%) and foreign overnight stays barely covered the drop (+1.4%).
July has been characterized by ups and downs overall, but a consistent upward trend in the second half of the month, thanks to foreign guests (+3%), who stabilized the market.
Arrivals in August were definitely a breath of fresh air for the whole regional tourism, due to an evident recovery in the Italian demand (+0.6%) that lasted until the fourth week. Significant increase in foreign guests (+3%) was detected and the overall trend in August, according to several companies interviewed, helped to an abundant recovery of the gap generated at the beginning of summer.
Seaside facilities stood very well compares to other destinations (+0.5% overnight stays), in particular the Archipelago, Etruscan Coast, Versilia, and Maremma. The study also showed slight improvement for hill and countryside tourism (+1.1) as well.
Cultural tourism is still increasing (+1.2%) indeed registering a peak for foreign tourists. The number of German visitors moderately increased, while tourism arrivals Austria and Switzerland remained steady, since the popular seasons for these travelers remain spring and autumn.
Tourism numbers regarding tourists from Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Scandinavia also went up, while the amount of UK travelers remained constant. The best source market is without any doubt Russia; U.S. showed contrasting data, but Japan is growing again.

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