Join the anti- Trump Hysteria

Just a few questions and comments; The World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), Ms. Guevara, says the decline of 4% in international arrivals to the USA could be explained by "several factors" including the relatively strong U.S. Dollar. Of course people with pre-conceived bias against President Trump and the USA would choose "the feeling of not being welcome". Unless your 'reporter' Chris Grad interviewed the missing 4% of people worldwide who did NOT come to the USA ( of course an absurdity) neither he, nor anyone else knows the reason they did not come. So his conclusion, and that of Ms.Guevara, is purely an opinion, not a fact. What is a fact is that Mexico tourism to Canada increased by 53% and decreased by 16% to the USA. As correctly stated the increase to Canada was mainly because Canada lifted visa requirements from Mexican tourists. Now , really, Mr. Grad would that not perhaps also explain the full decline percentage-wise of America's incoming tourism; and of course it is understandable that tourists from Mexico would prefer to go to Canada which does not require the paperwork of a visa than to the USA which does. This number includes of course those criminal types, drug-runners etc. who would not get a visa to the USA, and who prefer to fly into Canada rather than take a chance on crossing the southern border illegally. To cross illegally the northern border of the U.S. with Canada is easy-peasy compared to the Mexican border.
And incidentally, it is an outright lie for Mr. Grad to say that President Trump has ever said that "the majority of the nearly 6 million undocumented Mexicans are 'criminals' and 'rapists'. Mr. Grad you are confused. The number of Jews murdered by the Nazis is 6 million; the number of undocumented illegal immigrants in the USA is purported to be about 20 million, of which about 11 million are from Mexico.
Illegal immigrants who have crossed America's southern border cost the USA far far more in entitlements for health etc. than the loss of a few % in tourists.

David Frank (Afghanistan)