Denise Chen - Jan 22, 2018
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The Trump brand faces serious occupancy problems. Trump hotels run by the US president's sons are hardly full.

At the time of his inauguration, Donald Trump stated that his hotel business affairs would be managed by his eldest sons, to avoid any conflicts of interest. A year later, the Trump Organization does not bother much with the promise. The Trump International Hotel in Washington DC as well as the hotel and golf course of Mar-a-Lago in Florida benefit greatly from the president’s visits.

If the revenues of the Florida complex grew from 30 to 37 million dollars in the last fiscal year, it is because the president uses it as a comfortable antechamber to foster contacts with the business community. Donald and Melania Trump make surprise appearances in the hotel near the White House, too, to the delight of some guests.

However, the Trump brand is no longer synonymous with safe dollars. In large democratic cities like New York City, the small owners of rooms and apartments in luxurious sets run by Trump sons can no longer live in the light of this sign. An owner of a Trump Palace penthouse estimated at 15.5 million francs (USD 2.9 million) sold his property for barely half that amount.

Same as abroad. "When I have 10 full nights a month, I feel happy ..." says Jeffrey Rabiea, owner of three rooms at the Trump International Resort in Panama City. He would like to free himself from the services of the group, but it is impossible to denounce the contract without risking legal proceedings.

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