Daniel A. Tanner - Jun 29, 2015
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Traveling is more than taking pictures of beautiful places, eating local cuisine, or just wandering around. Some of the adventures on offer come from diving into a deep sea, it can be hiking or climbing a mountain, it can also be eating local food. But let us scrap these traditional experiences to newer ones. The current trends of adventure travel include cooking lessons as well as silence tourism.

Learn to cook your dish. Know more about the food you are eating. This is one of the trendy things to do when traveling. Instead of just eating the local cuisine, why not to try to cook on your own? This will make you appreciate the food more. You will also love the place even more, since the dishes have something to do with the country’s history. So, it is not only your tummy that is full, but your mind, as it gets new knowledge.

It is like you have visited a museum or an exhibit, and the good news is, you can eat the thing you are eyeing for. Many countries offer to tour you around in the factories where the foods are made. In Switzerland, you can indulge in visiting chocolate and cheese factories. Bangkok’s floating market also should not be removed from the list. If you are a pasta lover, Italy is your country where you can visit a pasta factory. There are some food companies that do not give tours on their food processing factories, but you can actually eat with the locals of the country you intend to visit.

If you want to break a custom, then go ahead and experience an adventure that has a mix of biking, cruising and hiking. AmaWaterways is one of the leading companies in river cruises, and lately, they teamed up with Backroads to go beyond your adventure experience. At night, guests can sleep while cruising, and during the day, they can bike or hike with Backroads guides. At present, hiking and biking are only until Danube, but AmaWaterways will be making a bigger difference in 2016, they are making a way to cover more Asian and European countries. 

If you are fan of a cold weather but kind of tired of throwing snowballs and making snowman, it’s time to break the ice! Visit the second biggest glacier in Europe, Langjökull. Adventurers can wander into ice caves and tunnels. You can visit their YouTube channel and see a glimpse of it.

If you are this type of person who enjoys solitude with nature, then Silence tourism is for you. In Finland, you can visit forests, igloo huts and lakeside cottages. You can also visit Canada’s Fogo Island Inn in Newfoundland. 


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