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Russian land hides many remarkable places for adventure travelers. Discover the best regions attracting visitors with pristine nature and remarkable atmosphere. Brought to you by

Lake Baikal

The flora and fauna of the Baikal region are incredibly versatile and total 2 600 of species, two thirds of which you will not be able to see anywhere else in the world. Only in the lake there are 58 fish species. There are three national reserves and two national parks (Baikal region and Transbaikalia territory national parks) in the Baikal region. Their main goal is to protect the unique flora and fauna of the region. Tourists come to admire remarkable nature of this region, go fishing, go for a cruise around the lake, or go diving. Moreover, ski tourism is well developed here as well. On the shores of the Baikal Lake there are small hotels and camp sites, offering unforgettable experiences.

Kamchatka Peninsula

Kamchatka Peninsula is the Mecca for summer ecotourism: hiking to volcanos, coastal cruises in Avacha Bay, sportive hunting and fishing, rafting, diving, kayaking in the sea, ornithological and educational tourism etc. Kamchatka has it all. The peninsula is interesting for the tourists also in winter: dog sledding and riding snowmobiles, mountain skiing, snowboarding, sportive hunting, skiing tours, swimming in thermal springs and ice fishing. Kamchatka is famous for its thermal springs. The main thermal springs are located in Paratunka village. Unique ethno-touristic activities can be found in Esso and Anavgai villages as well.


Those who love active recreation would be very interested in visiting Sakhalin. People come here to overcome insuperable obstacles, cross rivers, hike in the mountains, descend into caves, skydive and windsurf. Moreover, this region promises great fishing in any season of the year. Among the main activities on offer are: rafting, hiking (visiting Chekhov peak in particular), Nordic walking, mountaineering, cycling, speleology, paragliding, windsurfing, all-year fishing, sea kayaking, diving, rock-climbing, ice climbing, kitesurfing. Tourism in Sakhalin region is an introduction to the miracles of nature. Places like Moneron, Tjulenej, Tujnacha, and mountain Vaida are especially popular among the tourists. Sakhalin and Kurils are naturally gifted with “health centers”: hot lakes and springs, sand beaches of Aniva Bay, mineral springs, rivers and lakes.

Altai Mountains

Those who love adventure tourism will love to travel to the Altai Mountains. Only here you can raft on Chuya, Bashkaus, Chulymshan and Argut rivers; only here there is an alpine route to Beluha, multiple horse riding , Nordic walking, and cycling routes (very popular tour to plateau Ukok is among them). There are several thousand of lakes in the mountains. Small lakes in the mountains make nature scenes extremely picturesque. The biggest lake in Altai is Lake Teletskoye. It is situated among high ridges that are surrounded with taiga. It is one of the deepest lakes in Russia and even in the whole world (its depth is more than 325 meters). Traditionally Lake Teletskoye is considered as a symbol of Altai.

Sayan Mountains

Tracking in Sayan Mountains and rafting on river Oka Sayanskaya attracts a lot of tourists to Siberia. The Sayan Mountains is a land of promise for a tourist: deep rivers rich in fish, necklaces of stunning lakes that are surrounded with a pristine taiga and inaccessible rocks, forests full of animals and birds, flourishing alpine meadows, sparkling and roaring river waterfalls, stone rivers - kurumas, huge fields of mushrooms and berries. Tourists can stay at one of many touristic centers equipped with beautiful and stylish wooden houses, baths, saunas, sportive grounds etc.

Kola Peninsula

Another destination for those who seek adventure. Kola Peninsula is famous for its water, walking, automobile and snow riding routes. Colorful and severe nature with its broad lowlands and mountain chains, multiple lakes and rivers, rich flora and fauna, attracts travelers. You can get acquainted with the flora and fauna of two or three nature zones here where tundra, forest-tundra and forest meet together. Multiple rivers and lakes allow you to plan and organize various water travels. You can also go rafting at the difficult rapids, going up against the flow, overcoming gravels, rolls and twisting forest streams of the long and extreme rivers. Kola Peninsula offers to its visitors any type of tourism except lazy beach tourism. You can enjoy fishing, haunting, water and mountain tourism, alpinism, mountain skiing, kiting, Nordic walking, skiing and cycling.


There are also many interesting expedition tours in Ural. The most popular are safari on snowmobiles in winter and walking to plateau Manpupuner that was named one of the Russian miracles. Adventure tours in Ural are held in the most severe conditions and include the most difficult routes. Extreme tours include various active recreations such as walking adventure tours, snowmobile riding among the mountain peaks, extreme rafting during the high water season and many others. Very often those who like active recreation would like to see lakes Turgoyak and Uvildy, Tanagai Mountain, Ilmen nature reserve, ancient city of Arkaim and many other nature attractions of the region with their own eyes.

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