Joe McClain - Jul 2, 2018
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Almost every traveler tends to choose destinations, accommodation and many things related to traveling based on the experience others. As a result of reading travelers reviews, one gets a better view of the services. Reward Expert analysed 3.5 million reviews for more than 13 thousand hotels in 70 countries with reviewers from 83 countries. As a result, it has been revealed who the “happiest” and “angriest” travelers and reviewers are.

Russians made 82.77% five and four-star travelers reviews from 70,775 of them, according to Reward Expert’s data. Moreover, only 4.99% of reviewers ranked their hotels with one or two stars, which granted Russia first place in the ranking. Other Slavic nations in the ranking are Serbia taking second place (7.10% of angry reviews) and Belarus with the 5th place.

Lebanon was also ranked amongst the happiest travelers, taking the third place. As a country with one of the highest standards in the Arab world, only 7.8% of reviews were either one or two-star. Other countries in the region on the list are Israel, with 51.24% five-star ratings (the most), and Jordan (48.87%).

The United States were ranked 9th in the top 10. Out of the more than 450 thousand reviews, 48.67% of the ratings were either four or five-star ones. It is no surprise, considering Americans “vocal and cheery” approach when abroad, according to Reward Expert. Other countries on the list include Australia in 4th, Georgia in 7th and Colombia concluding the list of the happiest reviewers.

Spain is the country with the unhappiest tourists and reviewers. They are the most likely to leave a one or two-star travelers reviews of their hotel as well as the fifth least likely to give a five-star rating. The Southern European country is followed by Ireland (ranked 73rd in terms of five-star ratings) and Iceland (11.13% of all reviews being one or two-star).

Italians, like Spaniards, tend to have high standards with the choice of their accommodation. 11.17% of reviewers gave one or two-star ratings. Moreover, they are the fourth least likely to give a five-star rating (29.18%).

An interesting addition on the list is Zimbabwe in 6th place. Out of the few 1,059 reviews, 125 from this country were one or two-star ratings. Another unexpected country is Iran. 125 out of 1,326 reviews from the country were one or two-star ratings. Iranians were also tenth least likely to give a five-star review of accommodations.

Other inclusions on the unhappy list are Bulgaria and Lithuania, exceptions among Eastern European countries, and Denmark and Turkey.

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