Dan Rang - Sep 7, 2015
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All of us as hoteliers have experienced that disappointed feeling after getting a negative TripAdvisor review – it is indeed distressing. However, do not despair but instead be optimistic and take decisive action instantly. The outcomes might take you by surprise.

The first thing to do is get in touch immediately with the reviewer via the TripAdvisor site. Provide your cell phone number and email with the following straightforward message: ‘I wish to discuss your visit and get to know the problem and provide a solution.’

Secondly, from the review attempt to get hints from the reviewer’s folio. The following steps are extremely crucial; take note and gain knowledge.

Contact the visitor; however, do not place this call unless you are prepared to listen and know what the problem is. It may be hard to deal with this. Get ready for an exaggerated report as it is only natural with humans; however, go through their remarks to comprehend what occurred.

Do not deny anything, nor disagree. Seek for a pardon and state that you desire an opportunity to offer a more improved visitor experience. If it is suitable, suggest an alteration of the fee for the unfavorable stay. In addition, ensure that the following stay is perfect.

Is this too cumbersome? It is; however, the visitor is at all times correct, is this not so? But, here your objective is long term, and this is the opportunity to have the review extracted.

Never request a person to extract a review; however, if a visitor comprehends how destructive a negative review can be and if you build a great reputation of following up grievances and dealing with them, it might surprise you to find out how regularly the visitor will erase a negative review.

Use generosity and impeccable service to succeed; this is what hospitality entails. Ensure that their following stay is a great one by requesting your team at the front desk to inform you if the visitor is on the list for check-in. This is a room you will need to personally examine and also analyze the internet speed while there.

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