Hotel Reviews ARE very useful

I am a fan of Tripadvisor for searching good hotel options, but also for writing reviews from my own experiences.

Naturally, one has to be careful when reading hotel ratings. Much depends on personal expectations, likes and dislikes, price/service relation, a special situation upon arrival etc.
But if, for example 'unfriendly staff' is mentioned not only once or twice, but comes up constantly there is a problem there. Or, on the positive side, if a hotel has 80 to 90 % good or very good ratings it is probably worthwile trying out.
Also by reading reviews one can discover many facts, which are not clear or mentioned on the hotel website.
Very helpful are also the room recommendations. Even though most hotels do not commit themselves at the time of booking to a specific room, one gets an idea what to book or which special request to place.
Another good advice is to look at google maps and see the location of the hotel. Closeness to the beach? No highways near? Which views? Environment in general?

Peter Iwanovsky (Switzerland)