PROFESSIONAL/ New Wave of Wearable Technology

Wearables are growing in popularity among athletes as well as health professionals. Is this technology useful for travelers in any way? Explore the options businessmen and leisure tourists have when traveling with a smartwatch or a similar device.



Wearable Technology Could Make a Difference to Business Travel

Richard Moor

Wearable tech is an incredible progression in modern technology that has given us access to information, contacts and applications in an even more convenient way than a tablet or smartphone. The more advanced and accessible these devices become, the easier it will be for business travelers. That is the hope at least. For now, there are some clear areas where wearable gadgets are helping and some clear gaps to work on. Business travelers are keen on the devices but have reservations about thei...

The Best Wearables Out There

Tomas Haupt

Wearables are growing in popularity. Thanks to that they have their own trade show, Wearable Technology Show, hosted annually in March. Next year’s edition is still a few months away though, so it’s worth having a look at the best wearables those attending the London event were able to have a go at. Epson’s BT-200 AR Smart Glasses While smart glasses have been some of the first wearables to pop on the market, they have also yet to catch on, and are unlikely to be embraced by the general publ...

Useful Features of Smartwatches for the Travelers

Tomas Haupt

According to Engadget, about 3.6 million smartwatches may have been sold by Apple in the second quarter of 2015. This would place them in the second position in the wearables class after Fitbit. It is expected that this new market would expand more during 2015 holiday shopping season. However, the question that looms large is whether people would actually use the smartwatches. Experts are of the opinion that some people would, whereas some people would not. What Is Useful for Travelers Apple...

Wearables Can’t Conquer the Travel Industry World

Samuel Dorsi

Wearable technology is slowly but surely becoming a reality. Adoption may be slow, with users as well as industry players still looking skeptically at smartwatches, bracelets and glasses but the potential these wearables have as means of contact and to deliver information is undeniable and is starting to become recognized by the relevant players. When considering wearable technology adoption, however, one must not forget that not all of it is applicable to every industry. In this context, and...