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Tomas Haupt - Jan 04, 2016
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Wearables are growing in popularity. Thanks to that they have their own trade show, Wearable Technology Show, hosted annually in March. Next year’s edition is still a few months away though, so it’s worth having a look at the best wearables those attending the London event were able to have a go at.

Epson’s BT-200 AR Smart Glasses

While smart glasses have been some of the first wearables to pop on the market, they have also yet to catch on, and are unlikely to be embraced by the general public anytime soon. Epson’s offering, however, is said to have the ability to take augmented reality to the next level and can be used in fields as diverse as entertainment, science, health and manufacturing. 

These glasses feature a display in each lens to avoid distraction, and they also have a front-facing camera and motion tracker embedded into them. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection afford this wearable device, which is already available, the ability to have users browse the web, among other uses.

Teiimo Iilation Jacket

Fashion meets technology in this connected leather jacket which shows tech-infused clothing may not be a lost cause after all. There is a traditional men’s version as well as a fashion-forward, tailored ladies’ style available. The cool features of this jacket include Bluetooth connection, an embedded phone charger and self-heating, all greatly convenient for travelers and people who are always on the go.

V1bes Stress Meter App and Ring

There are mood rings, and then there is this one. It uses brainwave frequency, heart rate and body radiation absorption level analysis to determine just how stressed its wearer is and help them understand and relieve that stress through its companion app. This may sound like just another gadget and app, but the science behind is definitely solid and it can provide some interesting and useful information about personality and stress triggers.

Burg Smartwatch

Smartwatches are probably the most famous of wearables, but while everyone seems to be obsessing about the Apple Watch, Burg came out with some impressive wrist tech. Burg’s watches are compatible with both iOS and Android, and they are pretty much a wrist-phone, which enables you to make and take calls as well as record audio and video, among other features, while still looking like a believable and wearable watch. Burg’s watches also work with Bluetooth headsets and are available for purchase now.

Atlas Wearables Wristband

Wristbands are some of the most well-established and adopted wearables so far, and there may be a lot of these available, but the one from Atlas is truly different and special. This band can detect when its wearer is actually working out and count the reps performed, as well as the calories burned. It is also capable of learning algorithms, track exercises in 3D and evaluate the information gathered to help its wearer improve their performance.


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