Professional: In the Footsteps of Global Geoparks

Geoparks! What are they? What to expect? What can you see there? Let us introduce the concept of global geoparks embraced mainly by UNESCO but other organizations as well. Get familiar with the parks in Spain, Portugal, Sicily but also China or France.


Discover the Fascinating World of Geoparks

Cecilia Garland

The brilliant idea of “geo-park” is perspicuous to any nature lover and travel freak. Nonetheless it became concrete only late and under unusual circumstances, when two geoscientists from Europe (French Guy Martini and Greek Nicolas Zouros) had met in China in 1997 during a meeting on geological heritage. Many a good idea has been conceived in China, where foreigners sometimes more easily discover diamonds in the haystack. In this case the valuable findings were unique natural scener...

Arouca Geopark: The Gem in Northern Portugal

Kevin Eagan

Located just at one hour drive from Oporto city, the Arouca Geopark is one of the best well kept secrets of Northern Portugal. A place where Geology, Nature, Architecture, Culture and Gastronomy transform this region in a “must stop” destiny. A member of the European and Global Geoparks Networks under the auspices of UNESCO, since 2009, Arouca Geopark hosts a valuable and unique geological heritage, with more than 500 million years. Across its 327 km2 area, the visitor can find 41 p...

Examine the Dinosaur Fossils in the Maestrazgo Geopark

Anna Luebke

The Maestrazgo Cultural Park is one of the pioneering geoparks in Europe as well as an exceptional laboratory for exploring the geological evolution of the Iberian Plate during Mesozoic and Tertiary periods. Splendid geological formations and structures, modeled into impressive landforms, are highly valued for scientific and educational activities. They are very interesting also to tourists, who get acquainted with the local nature and geology thanks to the intense research carried out here by g...

The Madonie National Park: Discover the Sicilian Heritage

Kevin Eagan

The most important actions carried out by the Madonie Park body in the last few years have concerned territorial animation through activities of enjoyment, information, training and environmental education devoted to the Geopark. These are activities that all Geoparks in the European network constantly valorize and celebrate every year, between the last ten days of May and the first ten of June, during the “Geoparks Week”, the European Week of Geoparks, that should stimulate and prom...