Tourism Review Online Magazine 5 / 2010

Apr 26, 2010

Dear readers

The May issue is finally here! If you feel like visiting an exotic yet modern country open the Destination supplement and immerse in the Malaysian world of rain forests, traditional architecture as well as delicious food. While waiting at the airport try to focus on the design and artistic experience you get. Art becomes an important part of today’s airports. Open the Transport part to learn more. Almost any town and city in the world boasts about their wonderful museums. However let us present a group of remarkable institutions dedicated solely to the outstanding figures of music, poetry as well as politics. Read the Heritage supplement.

If you are in the spa industry you are well aware of the growing number of hotel spas. Are they more successful than resort spas? What are the latest trends? Open the Spa part. First of all however discover the world of global geoparks and visit Spain, Portugal or even Romania. Read the Professional supplement. Enjoy the spring!

Milada Sovadinova


Heritage Museums: Stars Coming Alive

Samuel Dorsi

- Apr 26, 2010

Mozart, Chopin, Wagner, but also Churchill and Whitman – they all were remarkable figures whose legacy is present even in today’s world. Learn more about them in the museums dedicated solely to their life and achievements – museums of outstanding personalities.

Professional: In the Footsteps of Global Geoparks

Ashley Nault

- Apr 26, 2010

Geoparks! What are they? What to expect? What can you see there? Let us introduce the concept of global geoparks embraced mainly by UNESCO but other organizations as well. Get familiar with the parks in Spain, Portugal, Sicily but also China or France.

Spa: Spa Hotels Still More Popular?

Denise Chen

- Apr 26, 2010

Hotel spas represent an important market within the spa industry. How much were they affected by the recession? What is the outlook? And what about the latest trends in the field? Check out the views of the experts.

Transport: Artistic Airports? Uplifting & Inspiring

Nils Kraus

- Apr 26, 2010

The artistic design of airports helps to form the overall experience of travelers forced to spend long hours waiting for their connection. Get acquainted with the unique design of Vancouver’s and Denver’s airport, the new terminal at Changi and in the Carrasco Airport in Montevideo.