Transport: Artistic Airports? Uplifting & Inspiring

The artistic design of airports helps to form the overall experience of travelers forced to spend long hours waiting for their connection. Get acquainted with the unique design of Vancouver’s and Denver’s airport, the new terminal at Changi and in the Carrasco Airport in Montevideo.


Vancouver's Artistic Airport

Richard Moor

Over the past 16 years, I have many times passed through YVR – Vancouver International Airport on Canada's west coast. Whether on a domestic or international flight, the ever-growing collection of art and architectural showpieces in every terminal and connecting link has something new to offer, something to surprise and delight, or something to greet with the familiarity of an old friend. In all my world travels, I have encountered no other airport that even begins to replicate this though...

Changi Airport Terminal 3 – Clear and Natural

Gary Diskin

Singapore opened its new Terminal 3 on 9 January 2008, 17 years after its Terminal 2 opened and 27 years after Changi Airport started operations with its first terminal in 1981. Poised to propel Changi further ahead as a premier global air hub and the world’s best airport, Terminal 3 is set to deliver unsurpassed qualities of service, efficiency and safety, and promises a brand new experience for all air travelers who pass through its gates. The 380,000 square metres Terminal 3 is the fulfillme...

Denver International Airport Art: Part of the Cultural Capital

Anna Luebke

Denver International Airport (DEN) is not only the gateway to Colorado and the Rocky Mountains, but is also a grand public space of the American West. Visitors and passengers are in for a unique experience when they travel through Denver. With one of the largest public art collections of almost any airport in the world, DEN’s public art program features around 30 site-specific works created by 39 artists and includes sculptures, murals and installations. Works run the gamut from a high-te...

Carrasco Airport in Montevideo: A Great Project Come True

James Morris

With an investment of 165 million dollars, a successful process that now represents the New Airport Terminal of Uruguay has been accomplished: a project designed by the renowned Uruguayan architect Rafael Viñoly. The inauguration of the new Airport (December 2009) not only symbolizes a milestone for the country in terms of investment, architecture, high quality of services, vanguard and technological innovation, it also constitutes an emblematic bid that makes us proud and honors the gat...