Spa: Spa Hotels Still More Popular?

Hotel spas represent an important market within the spa industry. How much were they affected by the recession? What is the outlook? And what about the latest trends in the field? Check out the views of the experts.


The Performance of Hotel Spas

Anna Luebke

Many types of spas are being developed in hotels and resorts, from luxurious facilities with extensive public water facilities to creatively-designed treatment rooms and relaxation areas. However are hotels introducing spas as profit centres or are they simply a competitive draw card to increase guest numbers? Intelligent Spas’ Global Spa Benchmark Program collects a wide range of information about spa facilities which enables detailed examination of the key differentiators between hotel ...

Trends That Will Help Keep Hotel Spas Attracting Customers

William Law

The spa industry has become a cornerstone of the wider hospitality and tourism sectors, and new data from Smith Travel Research (STR) helps explain why. The research firm recently revealed that luxury hotel spas proved significantly more resilient than their ‘room’ equivalents in a tough 2009: while the Average Daily Rate for rooms fell 16% and occupancy declined 9% - the average spa treatment rate dipped a more modest 4%, and Treatment Room Utilization actually grew 3.5%. Smith Travel argues t...

Europe's Top 10 Luxury Hotel Spas

Daniel A. Tanner

Combining beautiful landscapes, a first-rate hotel, and a posh spa is a recipe for excellence. And that formula is what makes Europe's Top 10 Luxury Hotel Spas so superb. Each of the following hotel spas boasts the allure of a European location and entices guests with the luxury of a high-end resort. Visit one of these premier destinations for a relaxing vacation unlike any other. Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay, Turkey The Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay sits on the shores of the Aegean Sea in Bodr...

Hotel Spas Recession Overload

Kevin Eagan

As we enter 2010, words like, “economic downturn” and “recession” are still lingering in everyone’s minds. The service industry among others was significantly impacted by the events commencing in the fall of 2008 and unfortunately, hotel spas were not immune. Hotel spa operators reported that they began to feel the impacts of the economic events early on in 2008, especially those within the luxury hotel segment. To examine how the economic recession has impacted ho...