Airports in Turkey Get Incentives for Eco-Friendly Measures

Chris Grad - Feb 24, 2014
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In 2009, Civil Aviation’s Directorate General in Turkey came up with a project aimed at reducing the effects of the airports on human health and the environment both in the present and the future. Its ultimate goal was to see to it that such damage was done away with completely. At the Turkish airports, the project would render incentives of up to fifty percent off service tariffs.

The directorate general will guide the Green Airport Project in ensuring that service providers and airline operators that will adhere to certain requirements are designated ‘green companies’. Also the organizations will be allowed a reduction of 20% on service tariffs, for instance license and permit security costs, when they adhere to the relevant requirements for that particular airport. When they meet all the required conditions, then the reduction will be raised to 50%.

Airport Operators

General terms of this project suggest that under the management of airport operator, a noise study commission has to be set up at the airport. The commission should also prepare a noise map and noise action in addition to measuring noise levels. For airports that have a high arrival and departure capacity presumably more than 50,000 a year, control and monitoring systems in addition to noise measurement have to be set up in the surrounding areas if all the noise levels are to be determined.

Moreover, for people to achieve the maximum tariff reduction while bearing in mind that it corresponds with the intention to reduce greenhouse gas emissions airport operators need to:

  • Ascertain the specific areas in which they will be held liable and hence define the sources of greenhouse gas emission in such areas.
  • Prepare a report of carbon footprint.
  • Prepare a report on the conditions pertaining greenhouse gas management and thereafter see to it that these conditions are implemented.
  • Ensure that they adopt a procedure that will see greenhouse gas emissions controlled and monitored.
  • Monitor energy and fuel consumption.
  • Develop goals that will see energy consumption and greenhouse gases reduced.
  • Ensure that the carbon footprint per person decreases by at least 1% every year

Group-handling Services

The green airport project requires that companies providing ground handling services use electric vehicles in place of petrol powered vehicles. The project initially began at the luggage separation areas of Adana, Ataturk, Antalya, Adnan Menderes, Dalaman and Milas Bodrum airports where there is intense traffic.

Maintenance Organizations

Maintenance organizations just like vehicle alteration, has to gain a report confirming whether noise levels have in any means been exceeded. All the necessary precautions have to be adhered to by the operator to avoid exceeding the upper limit.

All transportation operators registered abroad and in Turkey need to possess a noise certificate to manage landing or take off activities. For foreign and local air operators who do not have the certificate, they will have to pay noise compensation.

Health Facilities

Medical rooms, medical waste by clinics and any other health facility working at the airport, will be subjected to Regulation on Medical Waste Control.

The Turkish green airport project aims at improving the quality of airports in the country and plays an important role in enhancing environmental awareness throughout the aviation industry. This project has seen more than thirty companies get green company certificates.

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