Richard Moor - Apr 3, 2013
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Before you travel to Turkey, you must consider all travel essentials possible. For instance, you shouldn't leave home before you acquire medical and travel insurance. This is a very critical requirement when travelling to any country let alone Turkey. You should also be aware of places with travel advisories within Turkey. Currently there are travel advisories issued against Ceylanpinar and Akcakale. It is also advisable to avoid provinces such as; Hakkari, Siirt, Sirnak and Tunceli because they are prone to terrorist attacks. These are just but a few travel essentials to consider when travelling to turkey. Below are some important travel essentials to consider before you leave.

Accommodation: Before you decide to travel to Turkey, you must ensure that you explore all your accommodation options. Turkey has all types/kinds of accommodation i.e. from regular hotels to boutique hotels, cave dwellings and mansion inns i.e. the unique Ottoman mansion inns. You are bound to get accommodation regardless of your budget, taste or preferences. To be on the safe side, you should keep aside 55 to 75 USD a night for accommodation in a 3 start hotel and about 120-150 USD a night for accommodation in a 4-star hotel. However many travelers choose an apartment rent. This convenient yet inexpensive accommodation option becomes more and more popular.

Air fare: Another travel essential to consider before you leave for turkey is airfare. Direct flights via Turkish Airlines from major US cities to Istanbul cost around 850-1100 USD per round trip per person. From major European capitals the tickets to Istanbul are much cheaper and could start at around 200 USD per round trip per person.

Trip expense: This is by far one of the most important travel essentials. You must have a rough estimate of how much your trip to Turkey is expected to cost. The average daily expenditure per tourist in turkey is around 110 USD for food, accommodation, local transportation and entertainment i.e. sightseeing. Luxury trips can cost approximately 200 USD daily per tourist in Turkey.

Local transport: Another important travel essential to consider when travelling to Turkey is local transport. Turkey has many luxurious modern buses travelling to all major towns and cities in Turkey. Local transport is cheap and comfortable. You may however prefer to rent a car to travel around comfortably. Car rentals cost between 30 and 80 USD depending on factors such as time of visit and company.

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