Samuel Dorsi - Mar 20, 2012
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Turkey is one of the most visited countries in Europe and in fact it is the cradle of civilizations nurturing in its bosom an amazing and incredible blend of cultures, traditions, history and archaeological sites. Discover the top 7 destinations you should not miss when visiting Turkey. Brought to you by

A trip to Turkey is considered as a perfect choice as it is a travel haven and a hottest tourist spot. With its varied and rich cultural heritage and ethnicity, abundant in nature's most aesthetic bounties, cradle of various ancient civilizations, picturesque landscapes, archaeological and historical castles and glittering, sandy beaches, Turkey is a perfect getaway for holiday lovers. No wonder Turkey is rated as one of the top ten destination spots in the world in accordance with the number of incoming tourists and revenue earned from tourism. No matter if you seek luxury or cheap Turkey holidays, the country has it all.


This is one of the famous geological wonders of the world. Cappadocia region is noted for the geological forms otherwise known as the rock houses which were formed by the remnants and deposits erupted from ancient volcanoes nearly millions of years ago. Here the rock cut churches have walls decorated with beautiful and stunning paintings depicting incidents from the holy bible. Many structures are converted into cave like hotel rooms. One cannot afford to miss the underground churches portraying and depicting Byzantine frescos.

Grand Bazaar

It is one of the favorite tourist attractions in Istanbul. Grand bazaar is one of the oldest and biggest markets covering approximately 60 streets with over 5000 shops. It is a bustling and vibrant spot for the bargain lovers. It is very popular for antiques, candles, prayer beads, jewelry, spices, hand painted ceramics and exquisite carpets. It is the perfect place for exploring valuable keepsakes and excellent mementoes.


This is yet another hot tourist destination spot owing to its innumerable Greek and Roman ruins. The temple of Artemis which is one of the seven ancient wonders of the world is located here. The cave of the Seven Sleepers and the house of Virgin Mary are places that should not be missed. Another carefully restored site is the Great Theater which once had a seating capacity for 25000 spectators.

Ataturk Olympic Stadium

If you are an ardent sports lover then you should not possibly miss a visit to the famous Ataturk Olympic Stadium which is one of the largest stadiums in Turkey. This stadium hosted the 2005 UEFA champions’ league final which made it a sensation among the football lovers. It also hosts various rock shows and musical concerts.

Bodrum Castle

The Bodrum Castle located over the Bodrum harbor is a perfect place for annual festivals. The museum of under seawater archaeology features remains and ship wrecks on display. It is a great destination for relaxing at beach holiday resorts which offer many sports activities like snorkeling and swimming. King Mausolus Tomb which is located here is regarded as one of the ancient wonders of the world. Bodrum has also excellent sea side resorts on the Aegean Sea.


This place is noted for its beautiful shimmering beaches and historical legacies. It is famous for its clock tower which is located in the heart of the city. The Izmir International Fair conducts various trade shows and annual festivals. One shouldn't miss the bird sanctuary, located nearby containing 205 species of birds.

Galata Tower

If you are a person interested in the marvelous architecture of Istanbul then you should surely visit the Galata Tower which offers a scenic view of entire Istanbul.

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