PROFESSIONAL/ The Art of Travel Photography

Taking pictures is not as easy as it may seem. Taking travel photography is even more difficult. Get familiar with some of the simple tricks that will help you to take fabulous pics while on the road.


Travel Photography: Selling the Dream

Theodore Slate

It’s that time of year again! The media is full of advertisements, selling us dream destinations and exciting adventures to tempt us into booking our next holiday. So as our thoughts turn to travel, it’s a good time to reflect on the state of travel – and of travel photography. The global economic problems, and the changes in exchange rate have an immediate effect on people’s travel plans and many travel companies are waiting nervously for the phone to ring. Will peopl...

Photography Tour at the Top of the World

Gregory Dolgos

Photography in Nepal is full of diverse riches, from the Newari villages of Kathmandu Valley, the colours of Hinduism and the wilds of lowland jungles in the south of the country. But the Himalayas are what makes Nepal truly unique, with or without the camera. There's a new road that takes travellers into the high reaches of the Annapurna Ranges, one of Nepal's most scenic regions. Dirt track is perhaps a more suitable expression than 'road', and the only vehicles that can get up and down are...

Quick Tips – How to Take Good Travel Photos

Daniel A. Tanner

When photographing people, there are some things to pay attention to: General Know your camera well before setting out on an important trip – you may not be able to repeat it! Know the characteristics of your film – it “sees” things differently from you! Being able to predict those differences helps prevent unpleasant surprises. Try to choose the best light for your subject and make the best use of the light you have. Travel Bring enough film and batteries (for th...

Taking Interesting “I Was Here!” Shots

Pat Hyland

Let’s spice things up a bit! Not every photo of you during a trip needs to be taken while holding the camera at arms length with various national monuments in the upper right corner of the screen. Here are some options for spicing things up a little. Extend Your Reach You might have seen them around. They go by different names but all accomplish the same task. They are those, how do I describe them…”arm extenders”. The telescoping poles with a camera mount, perfect for point and shoot units,...

Bonjour Vahza – Photographing Madagascar’s Countryside

Gregory Dolgos

There are a few ways to see all that Madagascar has to offer. Each method presents its own unique experiences as well as challenges. The conveyances you use to get around depend strongly on your time constraints, your comfort level in unusual situations, and the overall goal of your trip to Madagascar. Traveling the Country – The Basics: The cheapest and most rustic way to see Madagascar would involve hopping on a taxi-brusse and spending hours on the road shoulder-to-shoulder with peopl...