Tourism Review Online Magazine 2 / 2011

Jan 31, 2011

Dear readers,


The February issue of Tourism Review Online Magazine is here inviting you this time to discover Laos and its pristine nature and the capital Vientiane City. Open the Destination part and let us tempt you to pack your bags and explore the country. If your adventurous soul desires the ocean, consider small ship cruising which offers several advantages over the mega ships. Read more in the Transport supplement.

Cultural tourists on the other hand will be interested in the Heritage part focusing on landmarks in danger of being seriously damaged. How to take good pictures on your holiday is the topic of the Professional supplement. Read the top tips how to take remarkable photos. First of all, open the Ethical part and learn about the obstacles faced by disabled travelers. Enjoy the issue!


Milada Sovadinova



HERITAGE/ Heritage in Peril

Andrew J. Wein

- Jan 31, 2011

Many tourists love exploring old monuments and historical landmarks. However, some of them are seriously endangered. Learn about Roman spa, Polish villa, Cypriot Varosha and Kenyan town – all in peril of being harshly affected by human activities.

ETHICAL/ Accessible World of Travel

Daniel A. Tanner

- Jan 31, 2011

Millions of disabled people are passionate travelers. However, they need to overcome numerous troubles because of the lack of attention tourism stakeholders pay to this group of globetrotters. Accessible tourism is still vastly untapped market.

TRANSPORT/ Ocean Cruising Getting Small-Scale

Laura Maudlin

- Jan 31, 2011

Cruising is fun. The bigger ship the more fun? Maybe not. Learn about the differences between cruising on mega ships and on the smaller ones. Getting to know fellow cruisers and the staff, chance to explore tiny ports and flexible itinerary are only some of the advantages of small ship cruising.

DESTINATION/ Inspiration: The Colorful Laos

Andrew J. Wein

- Jan 31, 2011

Laos – a country of stunning nature and resilient people. More and more tourists discover this landlocked Asian nation and its UNESCO sites, urban landmarks and unique shrines.