DESTINATION/ Inspiration: The Colorful Laos

Laos – a country of stunning nature and resilient people. More and more tourists discover this landlocked Asian nation and its UNESCO sites, urban landmarks and unique shrines.


Laos – The Jewel of the Mekong

Gary Diskin

A landlocked country nestled between Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia, China and Myanmar; Laos is often overlooked on the generic tourist trip to South East Asia. This said, in the last few years more and more people are choosing Laos as their magical new destination, one of the few countries in the region that remains unspoilt by modern development, political tensions and pollution. A country where Buddhist beliefs and traditions are still genuinely practiced where more than 48 ethnic minorities wit...

Tourism Industry: Development and Fees

Ashley Nault

The Lao government has put forward a number of incentive policies for the tourist industry in 2010 and increased its investment in the sector in an effort to raise the number of visitors to the country. In 2009, the Lao government approved 16 projects for restaurants and hotels with a total investment of 44 million USD. The number of businesses investing in restaurants and hotels has substantially increased, placing the tourism sector in the top five sectors to receive the largest amount of ...

Vientiane City: Temples and Museums

Alec Hills

Vientiane City was founded during the late 13th century, and in the mid-16th century the capital of the Lao kingdom (a state known as Lane Xang) was moved to Vientiane from its previous traditional location at Luang Prabang. In 1778 Vientiane came under Siamese control; in 1828 it was sacked and destroyed when the subject Laotian king revolted against Siamese hegemony. From 1899 to 1953, with the exception of the Japanese occupation in 1945, Vientiane was in succession the seat of the French gov...

Luang Prabang: The Spiritual Heart of Laos

Andrea Hausold

Luang Prabang is rich in cultural heritage, and is known as the seat of Lao culture, with monasteries, monuments traditional costumes and surrounded by many types of nature's beauty. In 1995 UNESCO declared Luang Prabang a World Heritage Site. This distinction confirms, through the concerted action of local, national and international authorities, a real motivation to preserve this wonderfully serene city. The title is justified not only by the many beautiful temples, but also by its traditio...