Transport: European Delivery: Buy & Travel

European delivery is a program designed for overseas citizens and provided by several automakers in Europe. The combination of a car purchase and travel around Europe for several weeks in your new vehicle has tempted many enthusiasts of luxurious cars. How does it work? What do the automakers offer?


European Delivery: The Ultimate Souvenir

Wayne M. Gore

Dreaming of a new European car? Dreaming of a European vacation? How about both at the same time? Picture this: you order a new car at your local dealership at a discounted no-haggling price, you and your partner fly to Europe (maybe even for free, courtesy of the carmaker) and vacation for a few days, weeks or even months all around Europe in your new car, saving the cost of a rental car. After experiencing triple-digit speeds on the autobahn, visiting all your favorite destinations from Amster...

So What Is On Offer Really?

Chris Grad

Interested in European Delivery? Not sure, what is the best offer? See for yourself. Volvo; BMW; Audi; Porsche; Mercedes-Benz.

Castles, Beers & Car: Amazing Trip around Europe

Nils Kraus

It was April 2008 and Oleg Berfirer set off for a journey to Europe – not only for vacation but to get his brand new and shiny BMW...