Tourism Review Online Magazine 9 / 2008

Sep 29, 2008
Dear readers,

Saying our farewells to the last summer days Tourism Review is here again with our travel magazine. Prague, Dresden, Hampi, Ayutthaya, Ifuago – all of them are beautiful places and UNESCO sites. However, they also are or were under the threat of being delisted off the World Heritage List. Why? Is it only an empty threat? Go for the Heritage part. The topic of preservation is also the theme of the Professional section dedicated this time to the numerous non-profit organizations striving to make this (travel) world better. Let us get familiar with one of the most interesting projects these unique companies run.

For a break let’s go for a bowl of pasulj to Serbia and find out what troubles this former war zone country and its tourism has. Read the Destination part. Unfortunately, Serbia can’t be your destination if you are tempted by the European Delivery Programs provided by the greatest automakers. Although the traveling part is restricted to the EU only, you still can come to Europe, buy a great four-wheel beauty and travel and travel and travel. More in the Transport supplement. When traveling around Europe you can also visit the numerous health spas for kids. What kind of spas are they? Can I get some help for my kid there? Enjoy the Medical section.

Milada Sovadinova


Heritage: UNESCO List: Get In & Get Out

Sara Thopson

- Sep 29, 2008
Being on the List is undoubtedly a great advantage for all tourism destinations. The UNESCO List, to make it clear. However, there are several sites that received a clear warning from the world heritage organization – either you go straight or you will be delisted. What is going on here? Why is Dresden or Prague in danger? Who was successful in averting the peril?

Professional: Non-profit Efforts in Tourism

Daniel A. Tanner

- Sep 29, 2008
Numerous organizations working in the field of tourism fulfill their mission as non-profit institutions. How are they doing? What are their successes and challenges? Let’s get familiar with people managing a network of wilderness areas in Europe, with foundation protecting the Easter Island heritage, with a humanitarian travel association or even a company providing air transport for the disabled.

Medical / SPA: Health Spa for Kids

William Law

- Sep 29, 2008
Health spa for kids? Of course – facials, massages, nails... Not really! Health spas are institutions designed for children with serious health problems or for those recovering from surgeries. Most of this kind of spas can be found in Europe where they help kids to live a normal life. Let’s visit a spa in the Czech Republic or Poland. Let’s see how a kid’s spa can help even the parents or where the children travel for health in the Middle East.

Transport: European Delivery: Buy & Travel

Cecilia Garland

- Sep 29, 2008

European delivery is a program designed for overseas citizens and provided by several automakers in Europe. The combination of a car purchase and travel around Europe for several weeks in your new vehicle has tempted many enthusiasts of luxurious cars. How does it work? What do the automakers offer?

Destination: Serbia

Daniel A. Tanner

- Sep 29, 2008
Serbia, a beautiful country with long history and tasty cuisine. Years after all the war conflicts finished the country is struggling harshly to gain a nice sunny spot on the world market of tourism. How are they doing? What are the troubles of the tourism industry?