Professional: Non-profit Efforts in Tourism

Numerous organizations working in the field of tourism fulfill their mission as non-profit institutions. How are they doing? What are their successes and challenges? Let’s get familiar with people managing a network of wilderness areas in Europe, with foundation protecting the Easter Island heritage, with a humanitarian travel association or even a company providing air transport for the disabled.


Providing Wilderness Experiences in Europe

Gary Diskin

A few, but growing number of people, value Europe’s natural heritage as much as its cultural heritage. Wilderness however was somewhat missing from the image of Europe – until recently. The vision of wilderness is a concept that reaches deep into the heart and emotions of most people. It is well known throughout the globe, but most Europeans do not know, that they can still find exceptional remnants of wilderness in their own continent. These places are the PAN Parks...

The Easter Island Foundation: A Vision of Hope and Security

Andrew J. Wein

There was turbulence on the tiny triangle lost in the Pacific we call Easter Island even before Europeans discovered it — for the evidence indicates that a constellation of factors due to nature and nurture brought about the collapse of a unique and resourceful culture. And when it comes to exploitation and abuse, the Easter Islanders have rarely had respite from these degradations...

H.E.L.P. Travel

Laura Maudlin

When humanitarian travel and responsible tourism join their willing of providing a different way of travelling, sharing then their search of respecting ethics and rules of sustainable development, that is when Fundamental Travel is born...

Mobility Air Transport Offers Hassle Free Flying for the Disabled

Justin N. Froyd

The goal is simple: making air travel easier for people with disabilities. Mobility Air Transport, a nonprofit organization, was formed to make flying more accessible, convenient and comfortable for persons using wheelchairs and other assistive devices...

The 1st Nonprofit Medical Tourism Accreditation?

Tourism Review News Desk

The need for global healthcare has skyrocketed in recent years. At least 1.3 billion people worldwide lack access to the most basic healthcare. Many of them are compelled to travel to other areas or countries to receive healthcare. According to the Census Bureau's 2005 Current Population Survey (CPS), there were 45.8 million uninsured individuals in the United States...