Medical / SPA: Health Spa for Kids

Health spa for kids? Of course – facials, massages, nails... Not really! Health spas are institutions designed for children with serious health problems or for those recovering from surgeries. Most of this kind of spas can be found in Europe where they help kids to live a normal life. Let’s visit a spa in the Czech Republic or Poland. Let’s see how a kid’s spa can help even the parents or where the children travel for health in the Middle East.


Children Medical Spa Helps Parents Deal with Stress

Sara Thopson

It is very exhausting and time-consuming for parents to take care of a child with a serious disease. Even if both parents participate, things may take the wrong turn from time to time, causing a nervous breakdown or depression. Not to even mention the single parents...

Kynzvart Spa: Give a Chance to Your Kid’s Health

Andrew J. Wein

Situated in the Czech Republic, only several kilometers from the renowned spa town of Marianske Lazne (Marienbad), there is a place were numerous local and international kids have found a great help for their health problems –Kynzvart Spa. The health resort specializes only on children who can enjoy not only the amenities of the spa and the picturesque local châteaux but also the well preserved wild nature in the area...

Dead Sea Remedies: At the Lowest Point on Earth

Michael Trout

There are few places for vacation as relaxing as the Dead Sea – the blue, sunny skies, waveless sea; numerous spas and hotels make it a pleasure to be there. But being there can give you more than a chance to unwind: you could also find relief from a range of heart, lung and skin diseases (like Psoriasis, Atopic Dermatitis, Vitiligo, and Mycosis Fungoides)...

Poland: A Spa on a Sunny Hill

James Morris

The first sanatorium for sick children in Poland was opened in 1926. It was Dr. Szymon Starkiewicz who had the idea of building a hospital for kids in the spa town Busko Zdroj when he was a young physician. At that time, he was caring for many disabled children suffering from bone and joint tuberculosis. He worked in the area of Silesia, which consisted of heavy industries including many coal mines and steelworks, and was one of the most heavily polluted areas of Poland...